1) Select / co-ordinate worship leader(s)
2) Help plan /organize / develop ways to enhance worship services.
3) Develop / maintain / operate sound system.
4) Plan / oversee selection of members needed for all areas of worship including prayers / LS / off/ announcements / greeters.
5) Plan / prepare / operate screen presentations for worship along with designated worship leader

Worship committee will be responsible for many areas of the worship service. There needs to be many people involved other than the one who is actually leading the singing and worship. This will include planning / suggesting ways or methods which will enhance our worship service. We would like a team effort in order to try to make the service appeal most importantly to God, but also to all our members as best we can. This committee will be responsible for all phases of the sound system including maintenance and operation. We will be responsible for preparation / operation of screen presentations working with the assigned worship leader. We will be responsible for the selection of members needed for all phases of worship including prayers / LS/off/announcements. 

Women's Committee:

Women's Committee is looking for women from within the congregation who are interested in meeting the needs of the women within the congregation. The Women's Committee plans and seeks to involve as many women as possible in activities that broaden our fellowship and deepen our spiritual relationship including a Spring Luncheon, Fall Retreat and monthly Ladies Night Out. We also organize wedding and baby showers and are open to any new ideas of things that women might need and enjoy. If any of this sounds appealing to you - we need you!

Youth Committee: Seeking fun loving people willing to be praying, planning, playing, and serving members of a youth committee focused on building relationships. Working together on devotionals, service projects, classes, missions, fun events, and just hanging out. Purpose is to enhance each youth with their relationship with God, family, church, community and one another.

Outreach committee description :

Planning Congregational and /or Community events and activities to encourage fellowship and extend our services to the neighborhood.

The Prayer Quilt Ministry is a caring ministry and appropriate for someone, anyone, who is experiencing physical, emotional, spiritual, or some other life crisis, and who feels they could benefit from being "covered in prayer", with the quilt being that tangible sign of God's ever present Grace, available to all of us. If you know how to sew and want to 'sew to serve', this ministry is for you! If you don't sew but still want to be involved there are many other ways to help such as: cutting fabric(with a rotary cutter and mat), sew the quilt top (someone else will quilt it), stitch the tying threads in the quilt. You can be a part of this ministry by donating fabric, batting, sewing notions or money. The contact for this ministry is Gina Loomis (351-3546).

Food Ministry Committee - (encompasses bereavement, card ministry, and flowers) is responsible for sending flowers when needed such as hospitalization and funerals. Provides food for such events as illness and death in a family. Sends cards on behave of New Bethel Church for birthdays, anniversaries, etc.

Volunteers need: 
  • Coordinator - person needed to coordinate / contact committee members to provide food when needed. Sends flowers as needed and assures the card committee member has supplies.
  • Food Ministry Committee Member - multiple people needed to prepare or provide food as occasions arise.

    Card committee member - person needed to send out weekly greeting cards. (birthday, anniversary, illness, etc.)
Fellowship/Communion Committee.

This committee will be responsible for coordinating volunteers from the congregation to perform prep/cleanup duties for monthly potlucks, Communion, and any other fellowship events requested by the leadership. The committee will also compose a list of the duties for each event, along with prep guidelines.

The purpose of the committee is to insure that all of the congregation has the opportunity to serve and to enjoy the fellowship by working on a rotation basis. 

Maintenance Committee

The maintenance committee covers two areas-the building and the grounds. Both areas should provide a welcoming and appealing atmosphere. We are seeking volunteers to provide the necessary maintenance on the building as needed or to obtain professional help when necessary. Volunteers are also needed to coordinate congregational work days for cleaning the grounds and to schedule cutting the grass on a regular rotation basis.


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