John's Jottings

What a time of so much uncertainty and change over the last year or so.  A virus that we were not sure just what to do with or how to stay healthy.  It all depended on who you spoke with as so many different points of view.  So thankful that now vaccines are being administred and the spread has lessoned.

We will be mask free soon.  It feels freeing and a bit more 'normal' without having to wear a mask whenever you go out.  I never thought I would have to do this in my lifetime.

We also should learn from this that we do not need to wear a 'mask' in our walk with God.  To many times their is a claim to be a follower of God, yet actions do not back this up.  We are to walk as Jesus did, the best we can.  We also do not need to hide when we are going through things by wearing the I'm ok mask all the time.  We need to learn to share with one another and encourage each other.  Not put on a fake mask to show all we are just fine, when we are not.

God sees through our masks as he knows all.  Be open and honest with him. Share your feelings.  Pray for guidance.  Study and read to know more of God's amazing love. Develope a real relationship with Jesus, who is your best friend, Lord and Savior. Trust God and He is always truthful and you can count on HIm.

God has stayed the same during all this uncertainty.  He loves us and wants us to be with Him forever.  God is love.

God is so Good!


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John Jottings

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